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IoT value set to accelerate through 2030: Where and how to capture it

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The IoT’s economic-value potential is concentrated in certain settings (types of physical environments where IoT is deployed).We found that the factory setting (which includes standardized production environments in manufacturing hospitals and other areas) will account for the largest amount of potential economic value from the IoT around 26 percent in 2030.

The human-health setting is second representing around 10 to 14 percent of estimated IoT economic value in 2030.The 2030 IoT economic-value potential of the developed world will account for 55 percent of the global total decreasing from 61 percent in 2020.While the potential economic value of IoT is considerable capturing it has proved challenging particularly in B2B settings.

Potential economic value of the IoT Setting is the main way we disaggregated the potential economic value of the IoT (Exhibit 1).Overall operation-management applications in manufacturing could account for around 32 to 39 percent of the total potential IoT economic value created in the factory setting or around $0.5 trillion to $1.3 trillion by 2030.Using this approach our research indicates that the operation-optimization and human-productivity clusters could comprise around 56 percent of IoT economic value in 2030; health and condition-based maintenance are estimated at around 15 and 12 percent respectively.The safety and security use-case cluster in the vehicle setting is estimated to contribute around $130 billion to $140 billion to IoT potential value by 2030.Our 2015 research estimated that B2B solutions would represent around 70 percent of the total value creation potential of the IoT.

While the developed world is expected to account for around 55 percent of estimated IoT economic value in 2030 the real growth story from a geographic perspective is China.We estimate that China’s share of IoT economic value from factories could be higher than either developed or emerging markets by 2030.In aggregate both the low- and

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