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Readers’ views: The Slush controversy

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Earlier this week, we asked you for your thoughts on Slush’s decision to revoke the pitch award given to the Russian founders of UK startup Immigram.“My feeling is that we don’t make progress in the Ukraine-Russia war by casting every Russian as the enemy and punishing them,” said one reader.

“This is unfortunately a new form of racism emerging,” said another.“The Ukrainian community on LinkedIn […] were outraged by the award given to a company that made a success out of a war (even indirectly),” one email read.“They were taking advantage of people who were fleeing,” the reader said.

“Any talented family leaving Russia leaves the Kremlin with far less taxes and far less resources to continue this war,” he adds.Other readers, who grew up in Russia and are now building companies elsewhere, shared the challenges they’ve faced this year.“Since the war in the Ukraine started, I had several VCs pulling out from investment rounds openly citing that ‘your company

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