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Scaling electric-vehicle infrastructure to meet demand

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Andreas Lips arrived in California ahead of the M30 Mobility Summit on the back of an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle: “It’s a fantastic experience.In that role he spends a lot of time thinking about the future of mobility and how to manage the inevitable growth in demand for electric charging.

Lips believes three themes will shape the charging industry as it continues to evolve: open standards interoperability and energy management.Andreas Lips: Shell Recharge Solutions designs builds and operates electric-vehicle [EV] charging networks for B2B companies.At the heart of all that is our charge-point management software which ensures that charging networks are reliable and convenient for our customers.

Russell Hensley: Just building on that why is Shell Recharge Solutions so important to the future of mobility?Andreas Lips: We believe that as EV penetration rises so will the need for convenient and reliable charging infrastructure.Andreas Lips: First of course we need more vehicles on the road both in the consumer and B2B space.Russell Hensley: What are some of the opportunities to expand the availability of electric-vehicle charging?Andreas Lips: I see three that excite me: open standards interoperability and energy management.

On open standards there are different elements that make reliable charging a reality.And all these must work in sync to make sure the charging works every time.That is something we need in the mobility space where a driver can go to any charging network and charge their vehicle.Russell Hensley: So how is the consumer need for electric charging changing?Charging convenience means that you charge the vehicle when the car is parked.I expect that charging will happen where it’s most convenient for the consumer and businesses.I expect that charging will happen where it’s most convenient for the consumer and businesses.Andreas Lips: I think the exciting thing at the moment is energy management.But if you imagine a world in which

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