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The US Navy wants swarms of thousands of small drones

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Another project, DEALRS (for “deployment and employment of autonomous long-range systems”), seeks to overcome this challenge.One aspect of DEALRS is working on so-called marsupial systems or motherships: larger uncrewed aircraft carrying multiple smaller drones.

But these only involved one or two vehicles, whereas DEALRS aims to transport and launch “extremely large numbers” of small drones without human intervention.Another Super Swarm sub-project seeks to overcome a fundamental problem of military hardware: cost.The US Army pays around $49,000 for each of its small portable drones, known as Rucksack Portable Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Expendable swarming drones will need to be far more affordable to be fielded in large numbers.A project called MASS (“manufacturing of autonomous systems at scale”) is using 3D printing and digital design tools to create low-cost drones in large numbers.The aim is to have a design that can be modified at will to turn out drones optimized for different purposes—for example, maximizing speed, endurance, stealth, or payload—from the same production line.According to budget documents, MASS will manufacture drones “as far forward

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