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The bittersweet serendipity that gave these two startup leaders a shared

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Boltive CEO Dan Frechtling left and Boltive co-founder and CFO Scott Moore.“There’s a social media platform I can go to today and I will still see the cancer ads they’ve got such a profile on me ” Frechtling said.

The Seattle startup formerly known as Ad Lightning recently raised additional funding to expand into a promising new area: automated technology to help brands and publishers ensure that websites and ad platforms comply with privacy laws and adhere to the choices of internet users.Longtime Seattle tech and business leader Scott Moore the former Microsoft Yahoo and Cheezburger executive who co-founded Ad Lightning in 2016 made an unusual decision in May 2021 shifting to a new role as Boltive’s chief financial officer and handing over the reins as CEO to Frechtling.As the co-founder and former CEO of the company Moore has been able to mentor Frechtling as he takes on the role for the first time.

Frechtling was “incredibly empathic to me in the first few weeks and months after Val died ” Moore said.Moore did not experience the same kind of targeting that Frechtling did for cancer treatment ads but remembers his wife being targeted by them further illustrating the problem that the company is now tackling.“Brands are grappling with data privacy as never before.” Dan Frechtling Now as Bolitive the company is continuing to offer those Ad Lighting products but it’s also expanding to address the problem of surveillance ads which put publishers at risk of violating digital privacy laws by collecting and sharing personal information without user consent.“It’s the brands that are most at risk more so than publishers when consumers’ data is being siphoned and shared without their consent ” Frechtling said.“This attribute has attracted the attention of clients concerned about the flow of consumer data ” Frechtling said.

“So we have a confluence of three factors all pointing in the same direction — online brands are grappling with data privacy as never before and

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