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Seattle company developing non-invasive glucose monitor raises more cash in new

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( href="">Know Labs Images) Know Labs a Seattle company aiming to measure glucose levels through the skin using radio waves added more cash to its balance sheet as it listed Friday on the NYSE American Exchange.Know Labs said Thursday it expected to raise $7.2 million as part of the new public offering selling shares at $2 each.

Know Labs founder Ron Erickson.(Know Labs Photo) Know Labs founder and chairman Ron Erickson told GeekWire that cash infusion will help the company boost its overall profile while getting exposure to additional funding and institutional investors.Know Labs aims to measure glucose levels through the skin using its UBand wristband or KnowU device which can be gripped in the palm.

In a regulatory filing Know Lab said its early human data suggest a “high degree of correlation” between its approach and industry-leading devices.The 15-employee company is comparing its readouts to measurements from a fingerstick device and glucose monitors commonly used by people with diabetes including products made by DexCom and Abbott.For its first years of operation Know Labs focused on light-based authentication and diagnostic technology.Bosua is the principal inventor of Know Labs’ “Bio-RFID” technology used to detect glucose.In a video Bosua outlined the company’s glucose detection tech which involves a radio wave transmitter and a receiver in each device.

Know Labs CEO Phil Bosua.“There is so much skepticism that any of these will work ” said Hirsch the UW professor of the various approaches to noninvasive glucose monitoring.Hirsch is a paid medical advisor to Israeli startup Hagar which similar to Know Labs uses radio waves to detect glucose levels.Hirsch said he was not familiar enough with Know Labs’ technology to comment on it.But very early data from Hagar suggest that that company’s approach is “highly accurate ” he said.“The most important thing from my point of view is that in the future this is all going to be non-invasive whether it’s these

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