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Evaluating brain MRI scans with the help of artificial intelligence

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Dr. Andreas Papadopoulos1 a physician and scientific coordinator at Iatropolis Medical Group a leading diagnostic provider near Athens Greece explains the key role of early diagnosis: “The likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s may be only 1% to 2% at age 65.Diseases like Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative pathologies characteristically have a very slow progression which makes is difficult to recognize and quantify pathological changes on brain MRI images at an early stage.

In evaluating scans some radiologists describe the process as one of “guesstimation ” as visual changes in the highly complex anatomy of the brain are not always possible to observe well with the human eye.One such tool is the" target="_blank">AI-Rad Companion Brain MR3.Part of a family of AI-based decision-support solutions for imaging AI-Rad Companion Brain MR is a brain volumetry software that provides automatic volumetric quantification of different brain segments.

“It is able to segment them from each other: it isolates the hippocampi and the lobes of the brain and quantifies white matter and gray matter volumes for each segment individually.” says Dr. Papadopoulos.This AI-powered tool means that he can now also compare the quantifications with normative data from a healthy population.This allows the user to also monitor volumetric changes manually with all the key data prepared automatically in advance.Opportunities for more accurate observation and evaluation of volumetric changes in the brain encourages Papadopoulos when he considers how important the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases is.An extremely valuable role for this particular AI-powered postprocessing tool is that it can visualize a deviation of the different structures that might be hard to identify with the naked eye.

Papadopoulos already recognizes that the greatest advantage in his work is “the objective framework that AI-Rad Companion Brain MR provides on which he can base his subjective assessment during an

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