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These startups are offering EV battery swapping services for a cleaner and

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According to ResearchAndMarkets the global electric vehicle battery swapping market is expected to be worth $229.1 million in 2022 and reach $690.81 million by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 24.7 percent.Here are some companies that are providing battery swapping facilities to two and three-wheelers in India.

Founded in 2017 by Chetan Maini Uday Khemka Ajay Goel and Anant Badjatya Bengaluru-based ´╗┐Sun Mobility´╗┐ is an innovative technology platform that enables battery swapping solutions.It offers interoperable smart mobility solutions for EVs separating the battery from the vehicle and thereby bringing down the upfront cost of EVs making them financially viable.Sun Mobility has collaborated with battery cell technology providers vehicle manufacturers oil marketing companies fleet operators aggregators and cities across the ecosystem to enable quicker adoption of its solution.

Delhi-based ´╗┐Battery Smart´╗┐ founded in 2020 by Pulkit Khurana and Siddharth Sikka is a network of EV-battery swapping stations for electric three-wheeler rickshaws and two-wheelers.The startup offers advanced Lithium-ion batteries to e-rickshaws on a subscription basis where the driver can stop at any of the startupÔÇÖs partner swapping stations and get a fully charged battery against a discharged battery.In November 2021 the startup raised $7 million in a pre-Series A funding round led by Blume Ventures and Orios Ventures to strengthen its battery assignment technology expand and scale its operations.Varun Goenka and Akshay Kashyap founded the New Delhi-based startup in 2019 to provide a battery swapping network for electric two- and three-wheeler vehicles.The startup claims to have adopted an advanced technology-driven approach to offer battery as a service (BaaS) solutions to e-rickshaw drivers.

This allows drivers to visit the swapping station as many as two to three times a day to swap the discharged batteries with charged batteries.Founded by BITS Pilani alumni Arun Sreyas and Gautham

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