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Analysys Mason: Enterprises select their IoT connectivity partners based on

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“Enterprises consider a number of factors when selecting an IoT partner which demonstrates that IoT connectivity is not a commodity service and that IoT partners are viewed by enterprises as trusted long-term advisers.” Enterprises are realising the benefits of IoT but still face a number of challenges when deploying IoT solutions.As a result the ability to help enterprises to overcome these challenges plays a significant role in enterprises’ selection process for IoT connectivity providers.

Enterprises also use a number of other criteria when selecting an IoT partner (rather than a single over-arching criterion such as price) which indicates that IoT connectivity is not a commodity service and that IoT partners are viewed by enterprises as trusted long-term advisers.Detailed findings from the survey can be found in Enterprise requirements for IoT connectivity on Sierra Wireless’s website.1 We asked respondents about the challenges of deploying IoT solutions (Figure 1).The challenge of ‘integration between hardware software and connectivity’ also ranked highly; 60% of respondents ranked it either first second or third in terms of importance.

Enterprises base their IoT connectivity partner selection on several factors We asked enterprises about the commercial and technical criteria they use to select their connectivity partners.Furthermore enterprises often need to support more than one IoT application and each application may have different connectivity requirements or attributes.We also asked about the technical considerations that are part of enterprises’ connectivity provider selection process.Providers’ ‘capabilities in other aspects of IoT’ (47%) ‘track record in IoT’ (47%) and ‘technology leadership and innovation’ (44%) were all deemed to be very important which suggests that enterprises view IoT providers as long-term partners that the partnership is more consultative than transactional and that enterprises want to build trusted partnerships with

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