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eSIM Has Entered a New Era. Here’s Why.

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And with TCA forecasting that the total available market for will see sustained double-digit growth in 2022 understanding the key factors driving momentum – including increased uptake across IoT use-cases rising consumer awareness and the accelerating rollout of 5G networks – is essential to ensuring the market expands.With cellular connectivity increasing utilised to deliver the globally reliable coverage required by IoT use-cases eSIM technology delivers the additional benefits of simple and resilient remote activation and management as well as robust dynamic security for the devices themselves and the vast quantities of sensitive data they communicate.

Market data shows eSIM shipment volumes in 2021 were driven by surging adoption across the automotive sector and various IoT verticals with TCA members reporting a 38% increase in M2M eSIM shipments.This includes ongoing work to support the consistent remote loading of subscriptions onto eSIMs across deployed devices (regardless of the SIM vendor) optimising the eSIM to meet specific IoT requirements such as network or user interface constrained devices and positioning the eSIM as a hardware Root of Trust for the protection of IoT data both at rest and in transit to the IoT cloud backend.TCA’s market data also showed sustained growth across the consumer eSIM segment despite the impact of economic sanctions and broader geopolitical trends on the global smartphone market as well as the delay of new device launches and the reduction of shipped units due to the widely publicised worldwide chip shortage.

But given the fact that consumer awareness has previously been a significant challenge – with GSMA reporting in 2021 that only 20% of consumers were aware of eSIM technology – the continued development of the market relies on increased consumer education and engagement.The ‘Recommended 5G SIM’ – which includes eSIM – defines the optimum technical capabilities that promote the highest levels of security privacy

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