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An Autonomous Car Blocked a Fire Truck Responding to an Emergency

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But a traveling autonomous vehicle operated by the General Motors subsidiary Cruise without anyone inside was blocking its path.The city wrote that the fire department is concerned that Cruise vehicles stop too often in travel lanes which could have a “negative impact” on fire department response times.

It’s the most unnerving of a handful of incidents involving Cruise vehicles alleged by the city of San Francisco as officials object to parts of a proposed permit program being crafted by the California Public Utilities Commission which regulates ride-hail across the state.She said the driverless car had correctly yielded to the oncoming fire truck in the opposing lane and contacted the company’s remote assistance workers who are able to operate vehicles in trouble from afar.According to Cruise which collects camera and sensor data from its testing vehicles the fire truck was able to move forward approximately 25 seconds after it first encountered the autonomous vehicle.

In a statement Testo says that Cruise “works closely with first responders including SFFD and have been in contact with them regarding this encounter.” The city’s filing said the department has requested a meeting with Cruise about the incident but that it has yet to take place."Pre-Covid the department was in discussions with both electric (EV) and autonomous vehicles for training " said SFFD spokesperson Jonathan Baxter in a statement.In San Francisco Cruise is just one of the dueling self-driving car developers that say they’re working to build a safer driving future.Now Cruise is applying for a permit that would allow it to launch the state’s first driverless ride-hail service.San Francisco alleges two more incidents: one in late April in which a Cruise vehicle traveling through a work zone stopped in a crosswalk and didn’t move for five minutes blocking traffic; and another in April captured on camera in which police officers stopped a Cruise vehicle without a driver because it didn't

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