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A Quantum of Sensing—Atomic Scale Bolsters New Sensor Boom

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Quantum sensors use the fragility of quantum effects to achieve extraordinary sensitivity to the slightest disturbances in the environment. They could be used to study brain conditions, reveal hidden underground features, detect Covid-19 in seconds with just a few hundred strands of viral DNA, navigate underground and underwater without GPS, and more. This article discusses the many possible applications of quantum sensors and the current state of projects in the field.

The fact these quantum sensors work at room temperature make them much less bulky than SQUIDs. This means they can get placed much closer to a person’s head, resulting in a signal at least two times better and theoretically up to five times better, for magnetic images with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution of surface areas of the brain, says Matthew Brookes, chairman of Cerca and a researcher at the University of Nottingham.

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