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AI Weekly: Watson Health and semi-autonomous driving failures show the dangers

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This week in AI reality came knocking — both for AI health tech and semi-autonomous driving systems.Meanwhile the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) a nonprofit financed by the insurance industry announced a new ratings program designed to evaluate how well “partial” automation systems like Tesla’s Autopilot provide protections to prevent misuse.

As any expert will confirm AI is nowhere close to approaching human-level intelligence — emotional or otherwise.(Kurzweil’s new estimate is 2045.)Similarly autonomous cars and AI-driven health care haven’t achieved the lofty heights futurists once envisioned they would reach.

Under pressure to show ROI some health tech and autonomous vehicle companies have collapsed under the weight of their overpromises as this week’s news shows.champion Ken Jennings IBM launched Watson Health in 2015 positioning the suite of AI-powersed services as the future of augmented care.The company’s sales pitch was that Watson Health could analyze reams of medical data — far faster than any human doctor could ostensibly — to generate insights that improve health outcomes.IBM reportedly spent $4 billion beefing up its Watson Health division with acquisitions but the technology proved to be inefficient at best — and harmful at worst.Watson Health’s demise can be partially attributed to IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s shifting priorities but growing cynicism about AI’s health capabilities no doubt also played a role.

And a growing body of work suggests that skin cancer-detecting algorithms tend to be less precise when used on Black patients in part because AI models are trained mostly on images of light-skinned patients.Semi-autonomous AI-powered driving systems are coming under similar scrutiny particularly as automakers ramp up the rollout of products they claim can nearly drive a car themselves.A sobering 2020 study from the American Automobile Association found that most semi-autonomous systems on the market — including those from

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