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How IoT helps achieve net zero

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The internet of things () is part of our everyday lives home assistants parking sensors smartwatches and smart plugs are all connected with the technology.Ultimately the technology can be applied to extract more value from fewer resources says Carsten Rhod Gregersen CEO and founder of Nabto .

This steadily developing IoT-enabled energy supply network which can detect and adjust for local changes in energy use provides numerous green benefits.For example one small component of the smart electrical grid the smart electricity meter enables real-time two-way communication between consumer and utility.Charging in this way becomes a bidirectional process meaning the network no longer simply supplies the vehicle’s battery with electricity but it also considers this battery as a power source to be used to meet various energy consumption needs.

A driver who returns home at night could for example use the energy stored in their electric car’s battery to power household appliances.In the same way the flexibility provided by vehicle-to-grid means that a battery can be charged during the hours that energy is being produced by renewable sources and then that electricity can be used when solar or wind power is unavailable.Agriculture is among the largest contributors to climate change accounting for 24% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions which makes it the world’s second-largest emitter after the energy sector. estimates that if 15-25% of farms adopted precision agriculture global yield could be increased by 10-15% by 2030 while greenhouse gas emissions and water use could be reduced by 10% and 20%.IoT implementation for real-time transparency and traceability helps collect comprehensive data about products moving through the supply chain from harvest and processing to distribution and retail.

For example Californian company uses data from IoT sensors coupled with predictive analytics and real-time alerts to identify and prevent

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