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Digital twins improve real-life manufacturing

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Real-world data paired with digital simulations of products—digital twins—are providing valuable insights that are helping companies identify and resolve problems before prototypes go into production and manage products in the field says Alberto Ferrari senior director of the Model-Based Digital Thread Process Capability Center at Raytheon.Take manufacturers as varied as Raytheon and Swedish distillery Absolut Vodka which are using the technology to design new products and streamline their manufacturing processes from the supply chain through production and eventually to recycling and disposal.

Companies have adopted digital twins as part of their digital transformations a way to simulate performance identify weaknesses and operate services more efficiently.Any company’s digital initiative should explore whether some facet of its product operations or environment can be simulated to gain insight.The digital-twin technologies of today have their foundations in the computer-aided design (CAD) and computer engineering tools developed more than three decades ago.

Those software systems allowed engineers to create virtual simulations to test changes in product designs.Today the process has shifted the prototyping stage to much later in the process as massive growth in computational power and storage allows not only the entire product to be prototyped but other information to be integrated as well such as information on the supply of raw materials the components needed for manufacturing and the operation of the product in the field.“If you look at those CAD and engineering tools from 30 years ago and squint your eyes a bit you would see that those things were digital twins ” says Scott Buchholz government and public services chief technology officer and emerging technology research director at Deloitte Consulting.Makers of expensive vehicles and infrastructure products benefit from shortening the design and development cycle making aerospace companies car

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