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Self-Driving Vehicles Are Here—If You Know Where to Look

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According to two women leading efforts to commercialize autonomous vehicles the technology has well and truly arrived—and while it might be limited to certain niches for now they believe it could become a lot more common in the next few years.Jody Kelman oversees the autonomous driving division of the ride-sharing company Lyft which has been testing self-driving taxis in Las Vegas since 2018.

Aubrey Donnellan is a cofounder and the chief operating officer at Bear Flag Robotics which retrofits tractors to make them autonomous.“It’s here already—that's the good news ” Donnellan says when asked when self-driving vehicles would finally arrive.Open fields present fewer challenges for autonomous vehicles than busy roads and so limited forms of autonomy have become a feature of tractors in recent years.

Donnellan says she expects her company to make more tractors autonomous in the next few years.Lyft which offers self-driving rides in Vegas in collaboration with the autonomous vehicle company Motional has shown that autonomy works in limited scenarios Kelman says.Kelman says the company has completed more than 100 000 autonomous rides and it plans to expand the offering with a dedicated self-driving taxi service in 2023 as well as further deployments in other locations.“What we’re going to see is this really starting in earnest next year ” Kelman says.Jody Kelman head of autonomous driving Lyft Lyft said in April that it would sell its self-driving subsidiary Level 5 to Toyota subsidiary Woven Planet but the company still has a product team dedicated to supporting autonomous driving and continues to work on the technology with other companies.

The development of self-driving cars has been bedevilled by technical challenges caused by weather and other factors and some efforts to push the technology forward have resulted in deadly accidents.Both Kelman and Donnellan say that understanding how humans interact with autonomy will be crucial to guaranteeing both safety

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