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IoT, ML and LPWAN will combine to protect vulnerable infrastructure

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There are millions of points of attack that are unmanned and vulnerable and low power wide area network () technology can be used as a key enabler of safety in the infrastructure.The long range is necessary to minimise the cost of adding a data network layer to critical infrastructure.

A low energy sensor network for collecting this data means the batteries last for years avoiding costly battery replacement cycles but this needs wireless protocols that can provide data across a network securely.There is no point in adding a sensor network to infrastructure that itself opens up an attack surface.There are now five networks with satellites in low earth orbit that can pick up WAN signals directly from sensor nodes on the ground and relay that data still protected back to a central database.

Using a satellite network for the sensor network allows infrastructure in remote areas whether oil and gas pipelines water or electricity networks to be monitored as closely as necessary.The analysis of the patterns of data from the sensors is bringing tremendous advantages to the network operator.Separating data and network Having a separate data layer from the sensor network also makes sense from a security point of view.Infrastructure operators are increasingly aware that their networks are under attack.The SCADA networks that control the infrastructure are oriented to real time process control rather than real time analysis of the data.

An LPWAN network is a cost effective quick and relatively simple way to add a data overlay to infrastructure.Open standards such as backed by the enable and ecosystem of cost effective sensors actuators gateways and network operators around the globe that deliver the data.This leaves the infrastructure operators and systems partners to ingest the data into their systems for machine learning monitoring and analysis retaining control over the data as key assets.2022 is seeing infrastructure operators

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