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Elon Musk’s Brilliant Hiring Strategy Uses The ‘2 Hands Test’–Instead of

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Elon Musk famously discredits traditional education as means to fielding and finding top talent saying that 'college is basically for fun and not for learning.'And while businesses across the nation rely on degrees as a tool for finding talent Musk holds his conviction that skills matter more than degrees.

But the hiring process does require two things which comes down to one thing: the 'Two Hands Test.'What the 'Two Hands Test' does is field candidates without traditional gatekeepers like degrees.Instead it qualifies candidates through first-hand experience and hands-on expertise testing.

1.First-hand experience Though there's much debate surrounding experience vs education for Musk it's not simply that experience matters more than education.Rather experience is a form of education.The AACU study found that three-quarters of hiring managers believe that a college education is essential.However the reason wasn't based on a specific curriculum but the "soft skills" acquired that college is said to confer.

The same soft skills (i.e.creativity emotional intelligence or resilience) are notoriously difficult to assess in an interview and whose development is not isolated to college coursework or student life but real-life experiences.In other words education is not limited to what is taught within the walls of a classroom but what is learned through first-hand experiences.And because of this first-hand experience is sought as means of discovering talent with deep knowledge.For example when reviewing applications consider which candidates have the first-hand experience necessary to hit the ground running or at least require the least amount of training to be successful within the role.2.Hands-on testing And just as extensive product testing is a function of product development so is candidate testing.Sure a job interview is a test but rather than actually examining a candidate's capabilities many companies simply work to evaluate a candidate's knowledge.To

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