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Empowering the military and first responders with IoT

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Interconnected devices, machines and things affect every facet of industry and modern life, including consumer and retail spaces or industrial and manufacturing plants implementing environmental sensors, automation and edge computing.Technology has even changed modern warfare.The internet of military things is a rapidly growing segment of IoT 2.0 accelerating in 2022 across operations in every branch of the armed forces and intelligence community.

In stark contrast to many of the edge computing use cases of the future like self-driving cars and drone-based deliveries, the internet of military things is about saving lives today by establishing information superiority in the field.What are those needs going to be in 2022?Despite increased tactical military sophistication, civilian, first responder and warfighter deaths rose in 2020.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, first responder casualties were up 96% in 2020.The final year of the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan saw the highest military and civilian casualty rate since operations began to diminish in 2015.The average number of natural disasters in the last decade has climbed nearly 10% over the first 10 years of the century.Escalating conflicts abroad and increased civil strife at home combined with a global pandemic and ever more frequent demand for natural disaster response means the risk to human life is at an all-time high.

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