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How 5G will accelerate the next wave of IoT applications, CIO News, ET CIO

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These new use cases include fiber-equivalent Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services massive Internet of Things (IoT) services and critical IoT ā€“ enabling new applications in the automotive manufacturing energy & utilities and healthcare sectors among others.5G has been designed to increase speed reduce latency and improve flexibility of wireless services creating an ocean of opportunities for people and businesses spurring innovation across industries and making IoT an integral part of the economy.The high speed and ubiquitous connectivity offered by 5G will help control devices remotely in applications such as smart vehicles transport infrastructure or remote medical care where real time network performance is absolutely critical.

For IoT enabled devices in addition to providing world class user experience with non-existent lag 5G will deliver secured connectivity with low cost low power consumption and help massive and efficient machine to machine communication.5Gā€™s unique architecture that allows the creation of multiple virtual networks with dedicated bandwidth for particular customer groups can be tailored for specific IoT use cases.This pairing can help handle a variety of use cases such as connected and autonomous vehicle technology smart traffic management for handling traffic congestion industrial automation enabling efficient smart factories immersive and interactive AR VR or gaming applications remote healthcare inventory tracking for logistics industry and much more.In the realm of telematics 5G is expected to play a huge role in the development of autonomous vehicles.With this technology costs from accidents are expected to plummet steadily as automated vehicles help to compensate for human error.A distributed computing framework such as edge computing that brings enterprise application closer to data sources such as IoT devices can help analyse data locally provide insights and predictive analysis near real time to influence operational processes.

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