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Soracom Now Connects More Than 4 Million IoT Devices Worldwide

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Rapid growth driven by strong uptake in connected consumer electronic devices. Inc. a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity today announced that its Soracom Air wireless data service now keeps more than 4 million devices connected around the world.

The growth – up from 3 million announced in June 2021 – is being driven by strong uptake of IoT devices in the consumer electronics sector among other industries.Soracom’s connectivity solutions are used by the most innovative developers SMBs and SMEs worldwide to help them accelerate IoT deployment minimize risk and ensure successful scalable IoT rollouts.The company’s commitment-free pay-per-use connectivity services feature built-in private networking cloud integration and secure bootstrapping capabilities.

Soracom announced its first 1 million connections in June of 2019.Since then use of Soracom’s secure scalable connectivity platform has expanded dramatically thanks to accelerating adoption across industries and geographies.In the consumer electronics industry for example personal EV innovator WHILL Inc. uses Soracom connectivity to achieve a 30 percent decrease in power usage for its connected chairs.Meanwhile consumer products like the Pocketalk personal translator and the Pebblebee Found pet and family tracker use Soracom to deliver consumer experiences that delight end users by taking advantage of leading-edge capabilities like eSIM LTE-M and eDRX.And consumer robot company GROOVE-X utilizes Soracom to connect the LOVOT home companion robot.

“Soracom doesn’t just provide reliable global IoT connectivity ” said Noriyuki Matsuda CEO of SOURCENEXT Corp. maker of the Pocketalk handheld translator.Soracom delivers leading-edge eSIM technology local breakout for fast data turnaround

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