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Smart Meter Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by AT&T IoT Connectivity Helps

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Smart Meter IoT Devices in Remote Care Programs Dramatically Improve Health in 84% of Diabetes Patients and 88% of Hypertension Patients in Remote Care Programs Dramatically Improve Health in 84% of Diabetes Patients and 88% of Hypertension Patients First-in-Class Smart Meter Cellular Pulse Oximeter to Debut at CES 2022 is teaming up with Smart Meter to improve health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.Smart Meter supplies healthcare providers with cellular (RPM) devices and services including the SmartRPM™ solution iGlucose® iBloodPressure 2.0™ iScale™ and soon the iPulseOx™ being unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

For example 84% of diabetes and 88%1 of hypertension patients at highest risk for severe disease complications experienced significant improvements in their health when using the Smart Meter iGlucose and iBloodPressure as part of RPM programs.Smart Meter’s cellular-enabled devices simplify RPM.The monitoring devices contain IoT SIM cards so they automatically send the patient’s data over the AT&T IoT network to the SmartRPM cloud.

Unlike cellular-enabled RPM devices Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices require the user to pair the device with a smartphone or tablet download the data and then send it to the doctor.Cellular RPM devices help lessen the technological divide and are more accessible to patients of all ages regardless of digital literacy and access to connectivity.For patients Smart Meter’s cellular RPM devices mean easy access to improved healthcare with the peace of mind that comes from frequent assurances and support.For health care providers the benefits include ready access to more complete patient data and the ability to act on it in near real-time while automatic record keeping meets requirements for reimbursement.A recent survey found 43% of clinicians believe RPM adoption will be on par with in-patient monitoring in 5 years.

IoT-enabled devices

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