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Sensoro Launches Innovative ESG Solutions Serving Smart City Development

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Recently SENSORO an IoT and artificial intelligence unicorn company from China announced the release of a new ESG* solution brand named ‚ÄúSENSORO SOLUTION‚ÄĚ.The program aims at climate monitoring ecological protection livelihood improvement animal welfare garbage classification and other applications.

Its smart city benchmark case has been built in Yichang Hubei Province.SENSORO is relying on its independent research and development capabilities in the AIoT field to implement the modern service concept of sustainable development which contributes to the digital and intelligent development of China’s urban and rural areas.Technology Rooted in Reality with Multiple Values As a city-level data technology service provider SENSORO has received repeated attention from the capital market and also attracted many research scholars doctors and other talents to join.

Through independent research and development the team has created an end-to-end integrated IoT and AI technology and product system including smart sensing terminals IoT communication base stations chips and edge computing servers and a global data visualisation service platform.SENSORO ESG smart solutions have been implemented on a large scale in Yichang Hubei Province.It has played a role in many areas including COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control weather monitoring and early warning Yangtze River ecological protection care for vulnerable groups grassroot-level inclusive medical care animal welfare protection garbage classification.SENSORO is harnessing the power of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to direct urban construction towards a new stage of low-carbon energy-saving high-efficiency and intelligence using revolutionary smart data solutions to add vigor and vitality to traditional industries and economic development.Technological Innovation Services for Real Technology is people-oriented.

Dazhong Tao a local resident in Yichang Hubei Province where SENSORO’s digital service is

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