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Blockchain as a Solution for Healthcare Industry in the Covid-19 Era

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In order to understand the interest of -technology-will-soon-revolutionise-private-healthcare/11407">blockchain technology in the healthcare sector it is important to understand the characteristics that differentiate it from current tools for sharing and managing data.This technology thus lends itself to the sharing of size:10.6456692913pt;">information between several stakeholders such as hospitals research centres or pharmaceutical laboratories.

The blockchain also makes it possible to trace the origin and fate of each of the data recorded.Unlike a centralised system in which an administrator controls this information in a blockchain only the owner can save it and transfer it to other stakeholders.The ideal would therefore be to have a list that lists all the places where the medical data of the same patient are located so that they can be quickly retrieved.

Blockchain technology provides precisely this solution in the form of a distributed and secure register that allows the patient not only to have visibility on his data but also to control access to it.Through the inviolability and traceability of data the blockchain would provide a solid foundation for the inclusion of patients in clinical trials.Indeed the blockchain can time-stamp and store the steps of the consent process ensuring their authenticity and traceability.The protocols of these trials can also be recorded on the blockchain allowing patients to receive a notification with each protocol change again requiring the collection of consent.Thus the blockchain by its level of security appears as a revolutionary technology in the traceability of drugs.

Indeed the ideal would be to record each step of the drug distribution chain and thus combine the use of the blockchain with that of the different traceability technologies.In addition depending on the position of each in the distribution chain the rights will be different: laboratories can register new drugs while wholesalers can only validate the passage of the product thus allowing control and increased safety of the chain.

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