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Research Opens the Door to Fully Light-Based Quantum Computing

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A team of researchers with Japan's NTT Corporation, the Tokyo University, and the RIKEN research center have announced the development of a full photonics-based approach to quantum computing. Taking advantage of the quantum properties of squeezed light sources, the researchers expect their work to pave the road towards faster and easier deployments of quantum computing systems, avoiding many practical and scaling pitfalls of other approaches.

Furthermore, the team is confident their research can lead towards the development of rack-sized, large-scale quantum computing systems that are mostly maintenance-free.The light-based approach in itself brings many advantages compared to traditional quantum computing architectures, which can be based on a number of approaches (trapped ions, silicon quantum dots, and topological superconductors, just to name a few).Scaling qubits in quantum photonics is done by increasingly subdividing the flow of light into time segments, with each segment corresponding to instructions and

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