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Factbox-From San Francisco to Munich, key players developing flying taxis

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() – Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) maker Eve part of Brazilian planemaker Embraer is planning to go size:15.7165354331pt;">public in the fifth such debut as investors bet on ally friendly urban air travel.– The Bristol-UK-based manufacturer was founded in 2016 and launched its eVTOL VX4 in 2020.

– It is backed by investors such as American Airlines Group Inc and Honeywell International Inc.
– The California-based company started in 2009 and is now worth more than $3.9 billion.– Backed by Toyota Motor Corp Joby has developed an eVTOL supported by six electric motors and operated by a pilot.– Joby aims to get certification in 2022.

– The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2018 and went public in September after merging with Atlas Crest Investment.– Archer is backed by United Airlines Holdings and Stellantis NV.Its eVTOL named Maker will be piloted with a capacity of four passengers and a speed of 150 miles hour powered by 12 motors and six independent battery packs.– Archer has received FAA approval for ground tests.The two-seater eVTOL Volocity is battery-powered supported by 18 motors and will have a maximum airspeed of 110 km hour (68 miles hour).

– The San Francisco-based autonomous air taxi developer was established in 2019 as a JV between Boeing and Kitty Hawk Corp which is backed by Google’s Larry Page.– Wisk’s eVTOL Cora is a two-seater aircraft designed with a speed of 100 miles hour and has 12 motors.– Cora has an experimental airworthiness certificate from both the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the U.S. FAA.– German air shuttle Lilium has been developing its electric aircraft since 2015.– Its seven-seater eVTOL can fly at 175 miles hour.– The company is pursuing concurrent certification of the 7-seater jet with EASA and FAA.– CityAirbus was unveiled by Airbus in September 2021 after its fixed-wing

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