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22 digital twins trends that will shape 2022

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Digital twin capabilities are infused into other tools for product design engineering construction manufacturing and supply chain management rather than sold as individual tools.2.

Digital twin leaders build new onramps These new cloud-native services will help enterprises build up their digital twin infrastructure regardless of which cloud platform they choose.New digital twin APIs provide standard ways to communicate with and control equipment made by different manufacturers.This will accelerate efforts to reuse digital twins components across multiple designs in the same way that open-source software has accelerated software development in domains such as supply chains smart cities manufacturing construction power grids and water infrastructure.

Broader interoperability will help electronic mechanical and construction marketplaces create digital twin design catalogs to help designers evaluate tradeoffs between physical characteristics lead time and supply chain bottlenecks.New approaches for crafting digital twins reflecting human well-being from companies like ProGlove could help.VentureBeat covered 21 ways medical digital twins could improve medical outcomes streamline healthcare processes and create new medical services and products.Bringing this data together is a prerequisite for better medical digital twins.The FDA is also working with researchers to develop digital twins of drugs reflecting adverse outcomes with patient medical records to improve medical product safety surveillance.

Efforts like the Swedish Digital Twin Consortium will help combine these proteomic methods with systems-level approaches to construct disease models of unprecedented resolution.A new breed of robotic laboratories lets researchers use digital twins to manage experiments as code to allow precise replication in the next lab over or around the world.Digital twins help Build Back Better and faster Construction digital twins will help track progress on new construction to

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