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How will the new drone rules influence the business landscape?

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Recently the central government notified the new Drone Rules 2021 giving significant clearances and liberalising procedures for drone attainment and usage.Compared to the previous rules Drone Rules 2021 have abolished several requirements and approvals to encourage the growth of India’s drone industry.

Prior to this the framework required drone operators and manufacturers to fill 25 forms which are now reduced to five and the total number of fees for drone operations has been reduced from 72 to four.With the new rules in place security clearance and extensive approvals comprising unique authorisation number operator permits drone port authorisation among others are no longer required.Industry players in the drone market are exploring new opportunities which will enhance their business growth.

Echoing the same thought Swapnik Jakkampuddi Co-founder Skye Air Mobility recalls the time-consuming nature of security clearances required for drones with the earlier framework for drone operations.The new rules will accelerate the procurement and operating process for drone operators.The rollout of the new rules will impact private as well as commercial players in the drone ecosystem.Drones can be used in more business categories With this Swapnik says that it will be easier to secure permissions thus increasing the use cases of drones.Skye Air Mobility provides drone delivery technology services across various sectors that include the government private sector NGOs among others.

ALSO READ Dunzo teams up with Telangana govt to pilot drone delivery of medicines Anticipated challenges for drone operators Hyperlocal delivery startup Dunzo is already experimenting with drone deliveries.The Google-backed delivery startup will be experimenting with Below Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone delivery of medicines in Telangana.The new drone rules also streamline the process of obtaining pilot licenses which is a factor considered by Dunzo to plan to train delivery partners to

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