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Why Tesla Is Designing Chips to Train Its Self-Driving Tech

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Tesla makes cars.At a promotional event last month Tesla revealed details of a custom AI chip called D1 for training the machine-learning algorithm behind its Autopilot self-driving system.

The event focused on Tesla’s AI work and featured a dancing human posing as a humanoid robot the company intends to build.At the event Tesla CEO Elon Musk said squeezing more performance out of the computer system used to train the company’s neural network will be key to progress in autonomous driving.Tesla already designs chips that interpret sensor input in its cars after switching from using Nvidia hardware in 2019.

“If you believe that the solution to autonomous driving is training a large neural network then what followed was exactly the kind of vertically integrated strategy you’d need ” says Chris Gerdes director of the Center for


Research at Stanford who attended the Tesla event.Many car companies use neural networks to identify objects on the road but Tesla is relying more heavily on the technology with a single giant neural network known as a “transformer” receiving input from eight cameras at once.“We are effectively building a synthetic animal from the ground up ” Tesla’s AI chief Andrej Karpathy said during the August event.“We are effectively building a synthetic animal from the ground up.” Andrej Karpathy AI chief Tesla David Kanter a chip analyst with Real World Technologies says Musk is betting that by speeding the training “then I can make this whole machine—the self-driving program—accelerate ahead of the Cruises and the Waymos of the world ” referring to two of Tesla’s rivals in autonomous driving.Gerdes of Stanford says Tesla’s strategy is built around its neural network.

Unlike many self-driving car companies Tesla does not use lidar a more expensive kind of sensor that can see the world in 3D.But Tesla also gathers more training data than other car companies.Each of the more than 1 million Teslas on the road sends back to the company

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