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7 Strategies For Maximizing Your Attractiveness to Investors

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Unfortunately most of us don't have enough resources to bootstrap our own startups so we are completely dependent on investors to help turn great ideas into great businesses.Yet in my experience on both sides of this equation I find that many aspiring entrepreneurs focus only on the best idea assuming that it will attract the right investors.

In reality that's only half the story.You need to work just as hard to convince investors that you are the best person to take your idea from a dream to a successful business and provide an impressive return on their investment at the same time.You need to show how your business will make money and provide an impressive investor return but that should be only the beginning.

2.Develop a personal story as a visionary and learner.Investors love entrepreneurs who come across as constantly on the lookout for new ideas and able to grasp the larger implications for market change.Many of his original investors still remember when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg first related his personal challenge to only eat meat that he killed himself in an effort to learn sustainable farming and consume resources responsibly.That means you need to show examples of your ability to get results when all around you are bogged down on details or unable to face the harsh challenges of the real world.

As you may have seen on the Shark Tank TV show offering a tiny equity amount for a large investment will not endear you to investors.They need to believe your valuation based on current revenue and intellectual property and feel the equity offered gives them a real return for the risk.Passion and confidence are a good start but every investor wants to see a credible plan with specific milestones along the way.Founders who present themselves as a lone entrepreneur may develop an innovative solution but building a business requires a team.You need to show that you have a powerful team and can attract and lead people with strong skills complimentary

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