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Why MQTT Has Become the De Facto Standard for the Connected Car

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Why Has Become the De Facto Standard for the Connected Car
The automotive industry is seeing increasing demands to offer connectivity solutions to consumers.Digitalization and connectivity have been top priorities for automotive executives for the last several years.

In fact connected car market size is projected to grow to US$ 225.16 billion by 2027 an average growth rate of 17.1% from 2019.
consumers expecting a more connected experience while driving in their car
To offer an integrated connectivity solution most OEMs and tier 1 suppliers have launched or are developing their next generation connected car platforms.At HiveMQ we have had the privilege of working with many of these leading companies since they are using MQTT and HiveMQ at the core of their connected car platform.In fact we have noticed a trend that MQTT is fast becoming the de facto standard for connecting vehicles with the cloud.

Some OEM and suppliers have had connectivity solutions available in their automobiles for many years.First generation connectivity solutions were often based on SMS and HTTP.Unfortunately these technologies were not built for the connected car use case.HTTP depends on consistent network connectivity while connected cars operate over mobile networks which are notoriously unreliable.SMS does not provide the real-time messaging experience that is required for a connected car service.

For one company unlocking a car door from a mobile phone took upwards of 30 seconds using SMS and HTTP.It turns out that MQTT is ideally suited for the connected car use case.This means there is no requirement for the costly HTTP handshake to re-establish a connection.MQTTs publish subscribe protocol is ideally suited for broadcasting messages out to a fleet of cars.With MQTT

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