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The IoT Together With the Evolution of 5G and Edge Computing

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Even though the number of connected IoT devices in the consumer space currently exceeds those in the industrial one investments are seeing strong growth in terms of cross-sector solutions as well as devices made to meet the needs of specific sectors.Reply’s latest researchIndustrial IoT: A Reality Check” explores two key areas that are driving the growth of IoT within the industrial market: smart factory and smart transport & logistics.

Data are the fuel for all “smart” use cases in the industrial world; Industrial IoT is the crucial element that guarantees the infrastructure to collect data to send them to the cloud and to manage the feedback post-analysis all as part of a virtuous circle of benefits to business.” The research carried out thanks to the data collected with the use of the proprietary Trend Sonar platform and the support provided by the Teknowlogy Group also examines the main markets for smart factories and smart transport & logistics grouped into two clusters: “Europe-5” (Germany Italy France Belgium and the Netherlands) and “Big-5” (the USA China India Brazil and the UK).Despite the though economic climate of 2020 both clusters saw a small growth in investments in smart factories as well as in the smart transport & logistics area while further and much more significant growth is expected by 2025.Overall the smart factory market of the “Big-5” cluster led by the US is expected to exceed €86 billion by 2025 with strong investments in platforms predictive solutions and remote monitoring.

In the “Europe-5” cluster on the other hand the smart factory market is expected to nearly triple in all countries reaching a total of over €23 billion in the five countries in question with Germany in the lead.The adoption of low-cost sensors and 5G networks driven by large investments by Telcos will further improve the diffusion of Industrial IoT.Moreover the ability to create high-density private networks will enable a wider deployment of the

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