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Lynk & Co Launches “always on and connected” Car Using IoT Mobile Connectivity

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A car designed for a new experience for connected consumers Lynk & Co a global mobility brand formed as a joint venture between Geely Holding Geely Auto Group and Volvo Car Group has launched its “always connected” car.The vehicle uses internet of things (IoT) network and infrastructure from to deliver connected services to drivers.

Lynk & Co offers membership-based mobility for those who want to “rent” a car instead of purchasing it in the traditional sense.The car incorporates a share button enabling owners to generate income via sharing functionalities.Lynk & Co members can also control monitor and share their car from a smartphone app that communicates with the car via the cloud.

In-car technology has been designed to be as easy to use as possible with no hidden extras.All cars have large configurable touch screens and that are always connected to the internet and the car’s cloud.The truly Orange has worked closely with Lynk & Co and its sister company CEVT an innovation and technology company within Geely Holding to build a solution that enables the Lynk & Co business and operations model.Each car will benefit from Orange’s IoT Managed Global Connectivity solution which provides secure and seamless integration between connected car services internet access and online tracking.Orange IoT cellular connectivity allows users to enjoy the same experiences across geographies by roaming between different providers as required.

“Today’s customers demand mobility and may not actually want to own a car.Orange Business Services IoT services and global connectivity are helping us achieve our vision of launching a mobility brand that is born digital and designed to demands of always-connected consumers.” “We are proud to be part of this new generation of always-connected automotive experiences aimed at making car travel safer easier and more sustainable.Our innovative approach to connectivity enables consumer

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