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How has Indian healthcare industry benefitted from digital innovation

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As healthcare organisations in India grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic there are serious concerns being raised about India’s fragile and inadequate health infrastructure.From startups to established tech giants new innovations and emerging players in health technology are challenging healthcare organisations to redefine and reimagine the way they deliver value to patients.

Emerging digital healthcare solutions not only improve access to healthcare services but they have the potential to create holistic healthcare ecosystems.All health needs for a patient - from consultancy and diagnostics to medicine delivery home healthcare and remote patient monitoring can be served via these ecosystems which will also help maintain comprehensive electronic medical records and build a patient’s longitudinal history.While digital technology offers hope for improving healthcare access and quality it is important to understand that in India it still has a long way to go.

Unlike fintech or retail the healthcare sector has been slower to join the digital revolution in India.In many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a much-needed stimulus to behavioural change among both patients and doctors.Future outlook and benefits of digital healthcare in India Given India’s hugely overburdened healthcare system scores of startups have mushroomed to help with various aspects of patient care.Overall however the future of the healthcare sector in India lies in developing robust digital healthcare ecosystems that work with hospitals doctors caregivers pharmacies and insurance companies to enhance the patient care continuum processes.An end-to-end ecosystem that maintains a patient’s medical history and medical records digitally monitors and alerts their vitals and allows for easy and regular virtual consults with primary and secondary specialist doctors is what will help meet the healthcare requirements of the vast populace.

Remote patient access and monitoring is another

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