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This Hyderabad-based startup is using wearable tech to transform

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Realising the potential of physiotherapy in helping people with chronic skeletomuscular conditions or injuries Anmol began working on a solution to help people understand their muscle health and track their progress.In 2019 she founded Hyderabad-based Ashva WearTech (Ashva Wearable Technologies) and launched Fitknees a sensor-based knee injury monitoring platform that helps patients track progress with regular reports and empowers them to stick to their physiotherapy treatment.

Speaking to YourStory Anmol Director and Founder-CEO of Ashva WearTech says her on-field research data revealed that eight in 10 patients with chronic knee pain did not return after their first session.During this journey the team began learning about medically accurate ways of measuring different parameters of joints and muscles.This April Ashva Weartech launched Fitmust a handheld muscle strength dynamometer to measure muscle strength in a more medically accurate manner.

The microprocessor-based dynamometer accurately measures muscle strength and monitors progress and aims to help diagnose and treat musculoskeletal or sports injuries.That is how we got interested in developing a more accurate way of measuring muscle strength and arrived at Fitmust a fully integrated testing solution for muscle strength ” Anmol says.Anmol reveals that Fitmust was launched as a part of the startup's Fitknees product to create a holistic reporting system for chronic knee pain.Speaking about measuring muscle strength the founder explains that a method called 10-RM testing is used — the patient or user does 10 repetitions of exercises such as bench press and leg press for upper and lower body muscular strength testing until the muscle is tired.The maximum weight one can lift is measured as muscle strength.

Apart from this the second most accurate method to test muscle strength is by using an isokinetic dynamometer a large motorised machine that can cost up over Rs 1 crore.We use another way to measure

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