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Augmented Reality in IoT

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AR enables workers to access digital information and combine it with the physical world.We sat down with Ian Kanski CTO of UrsaLeo to talk about the benefits AR brings to the industrial space and how it is being applied to 3D technology.

Q: In its simplest form how does AR work and how do you see it being applied in the industrial space?In the industrial space AR enables a user to consume more pertinent information in a concentrated collection and derive situational context that would normally be lost in disparate context streams.With AR the above data sources can be applied in a targeted and focused manner leveraging the intimate context of being adjacent to the physical piece of equipment.

AR users can view live and historical data with operational context derived from seeing the actual physical location of the sensor on the equipment in the system as a whole.Dynamic and empowering workflows can be created with AR where the user can investigate sensor alerts identify suspect asset components upstream and downstream of the physical sensor location access service notes and maintenance records all consolidated and rendered interactively on the equipment.AR users can render a local digital twin of the equipment move and manipulate the twin for critical physical context of a large often immovable or difficult to reach piece of industrial machinery.Q: Can you talk about specific types of industries that will benefit greatly from the use of AR?Any industry that can benefit from visual context either as an internal function or as part of their product (directly or indirectly) can benefit from the use of AR.

Sales and marketing training and education operational monitoring maintenance operations research and development all of these essential functions can benefit greatly from AR enablement.My point aside from the necessity of good head room in a family tent is that AR is a technical force multiplier and widely applicable.For more advanced integrations like those

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