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Ola’s E-Scooter Receives 1L Pre-Bookings Against Industry’s Sales Figure Of 29K

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Ola Electric is expected to launch its two-wheelers in India this year.Ola’s new electric scooter is said to have received more than 1 lakh pre-registrations just two days after opening pre-bookings Ride-hailing startup Ola’s new electric scooter claims to have received more than 1 lakh pre-registrations just two days after opening pre-bookings Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a tweet on Jul 17.

Inc42 had reported earlier that Ola is gearing up for a global launch of its electric scooter that is expected to have at least three variants.Ola Electric’s cheapest scooter variant will be priced below INR 1 lakh while the highest-priced variant would be available at around INR 1.5 Lakh a person aware of Ola Electric’s operations told Inc42 on July 8.The Ola Electric team is working to ensure that pre-orders for the Indian market could be opened from August while for other Asian and European markets the process could be started from late September the source added.

Interestingly Ola’s 2W scooters are originally a rebranded version of Netherland-based Etergo scooters.In May 2020 Ola Electric announced that it would start operating as a full-stack manufacturer of electric two-wheelers after acquiring Amsterdam-based Etergo BV.The newly rebranded Ola Electric EV however does not sport the Etergo or the App Scooter branding in a recent video that was widely publicised by Ola.The earlier website now redirects to an Ola owned website However an earlier version of the website taken from the Internet Archive shows that the scooter will have three interchangeable battery modules — each battery has a capacity of 600W per module providing an 80Km range per module.Although Ola Electric’s scooter will compete with the petrol vehicle brands such as Honda Activa and others the Ola EV will in fact directly take on existing two-wheeler EVs such as Ather Energy Ampere Okinawa Tork Motors Hero Electric and many others.

Hence the future of Ola’s scooters will hinge on how

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