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Hungryroot delivers AI-powered grocery experience

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Hungryroot an AI-powered delivery service hopes to occupy a similar niche for online groceries in the United States.On a weekly basis the Hungryroot algorithm predicts the groceries the customer might like.

“With the disruption from the pandemic and more people buying groceries online demand forecasting has become increasingly difficult for retailers and AI can help them make sense of the data and make more accurate decisions about what to stock ” Saunders says.Hungryroot works on a collaborative filtering model much like Netflix learning from customer likes over time and pooling their preferences with others’.But AI-based recommendations for groceries are challenging says CTO Dave Kong.

Hungryroot is also trying to figure out what repetition means to the customer.The other challenge is that the number of customers who might like the exact same recipes using the exact same ingredients is not as large as movie buffs liking a genre.And data sources aren’t limited to only what customers say or do — Hungryroot also relies upon additional sources like nutritional data.The Hungryroot algorithm optimizes recommendations not just for an individual user but across the board for all its customers.Tweaking what’s in the box just a bit — if a customer likes one kind of white fish they might like a similar one in large supply at Hungryroot — can help optimize food distribution across all boxes cutting down waste Kong says.

In addition the AI-powered grocery suggestion algorithm itself is smart and helps Hungryroot to predict how much of each kind of food to buy.If AI helps brands to understand what customers want they have a greater chance of building loyalty and repeat business ” Saunders says.Hungryroot also makes sure to keep customers’ pantry purchases in mind: While every recipe might need salt customers don’t need to buy salt every week.Consumers buy 72% of the AI-powered grocery deliveries.“We believe a neural-network model that is great at factoring in

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