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IoT: successful telecoms operators use large bases of connections to drive

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Analysys Mason has identified four operators as ‘Pioneers’ in its most recent Operator IoT Scorecard 2021: AT&T China Mobile Telefónica and Vodafone.These telecoms operators have been successful in the IoT market because they have mutually supporting aspects to their business – a large base of connections that helps to fund investment into new horizontal and vertical solutions which in turn help to drive the number of new connections.

It is based on research and analysis from Analysys Mason’s sixth operator IoT study Operator IoT Scorecard 2021: operator strategies for IoT in which we analysed the strategies of 17 of the operators that have been most successful in the IoT market.Analysys Mason acknowledges that this positioning is often deliberate; operators may opt to specialise in one area of IoT based on factors such as their size market position assets and appetite for risk.The Pioneers have laid the foundations for an IoT business with a clear strategy robust KPIs and an independent IoT division Analysys Mason used the following criteria to assess the operators: strategy and vision scale connectivity horizontal capabilities vertical capabilities complementary capabilities and ecosystem and partnerships.

an IoT division that operates with a high level of independence from the legacy business but can leverage the resources and brand of the core business.The Pioneers use their size and scale to successfully deliver their IoT propositions China Mobile is the largest IoT operator in the world in terms of the number of connections and benefits from its huge size and scale.Telefónica has benefited from taking a long-term vision for IoT and has developed a strong set of horizontal vertical and complementary capabilities.Vodafone has achieved size and scale in IoT connectivity and has built on this foundation to develop end-to-end solutions for selected verticals.Vodafone has a bold strategy for IoT and is willing to invest in new solutions.


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