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How AI is revolutionising the video industry

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AI augments the video asset pool to ensure that every type of audience is catered to and engaged across platforms.AI can recognise individual content generate autonomous clips optimise video playback and align advertisements and content based on viewer interests.

These features are transforming our understanding of video content and as the AI learns more it evolves its models to have a more nuanced understanding of the elements of any content making it much easier for teams to find the right content and make informed decisions on their utility all backed by data.Why is AI the future of video production?AI has played a crucial role in bringing innovative and more efficient solutions to the video industry.

It not only helps bring precision in the video content production but also enables a clear understanding of what interests the audience the most and delivers it as quickly as possible.AI platforms can prove beneficial across various industries such as sports media entertainment and many more that incorporate video as their primary content.On an average people watch almost eight hours of video content online in a week which is growing by 16 percent YoY fuelled by video consumption on social media platforms that receive 48 percent more views on an average than on other platforms.In the age of explosion of content smart solutions are needed to keep audiences engaged and AI is at the forefront of it.Using AI to create bite-sized-videos such as teasers highlights and web stories has helped content creators explore social channels and improve engagement significantly.

In addition AI also streamlines post-production processes by reducing the time earlier spent on manually adding graphics logos and overlays on videos ultimately leading to the creation of engaging content for the viewers increasing the speed to market.AI makes it relatively easy for organisations to produce new video content quicker and lets them focus on more important matters such as producing

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