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Remote Patient Monitoring: the Businesses Behind the Solution

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Date 10th June 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Duration 1 Hour IoT technology is rapidly transforming the ways in which we practice and receive healthcare, and remote patient monitoring is a major piece of that growth. While it’s a simple concept – monitoring patients at all times and from any location using IoT wearables – the reality of implementing a safe, reliable, and effective RPM solution is not always so simple. At every step of the process, a top-of-the-line vendor must be engaged to ensure a secure and seamless flow of data between patient and provider. In this webinar, we will explore the industry players that can together make up a successful remote patient monitoring solution, including considerations like: Providing device connectivity, reliability, and network coverage Ensuring security and HIPAA compliance Enabling operative reverse logistics and performing medical-grade sanitation Brought to you by: Register Now! If you have already registered, click here to access. Speaker: Dominic Marcellino, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Kajeet Dominic Marcellino is the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Kajeet, an industry leader in optimized data connectivity and flexible wireless solutions. Dominic is responsible for Kajeet’s partnerships with system integrators, device manufacturers and solution providers, leading strategy for product and sales teams, and refining customer experience. An expert in product, business development and sales with expertise in bringing low-power IoT applications to market, Dominic’s guidance strengthens Kajeet’s market position as a premier mobile virtual network operator for global enterprises.
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