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What does Artificial Intelligence hold for the Betterment of IoT?

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Artificial Intelligence enabled can empower machines to utilize this data act intelligently and make decisions with little or no human interference. The IoT comprises a network of interrelated computing devices that can transmit data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. A common thought would be- instead of going the route of using with IoT why don’t we just use the cloud to capture analyze and act on the data transmitted by connected devices? Sensor-based systems to monitor produce drones intelligent vehicles smart greenhouses and other IoT powered machinery can help farmers track and control irregularities in farming. IoT backed with AI technology can enable self-driving vehicles to sense their location and other objects around them to calculate appropriate speed and directions. This transmitted traffic data can be analyzed by AI to make decisions around how to avoid traffic congestion with adjustments to vehicle speed limits the timing of traffic lights and so much more without human involvement. This will empower them to make informed and smart decisions around parameters that influence product quality. This firm ecology of data monitoring insightful observations and smart decisions will ensure that product quality standards are always high. Data obtained from AI systems and IoT-managed connected network devices can help companies to create personalized shopping experiences for their customers based on various demographics. AI and IoT work together for the interoperability and data exchange between all healthcare facility centres thereby helping facility operators to have a clear precise view of what is happening within the facility in real-time. Examples of where a blended AI+IoT approach is used include Real-time Health Systems (RTHS) robotics in healthcare smart beds smart medical devices within the cardiovascular arena remote healthcare monitoring and so on. IoT and AI-powered devices empower organizations

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