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Smart home sensor looks like an Echo Dot but watches for leaky pipes

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The device detects leaks and changes in temperature and humidity and alerts homeowners to potential problems.
A new smart home device makes it easy to build a leak detection system without taking out a home equity loan to do it.
Phyn's Smart Water Sensor is about $40 and small enough to fit almost anywhere.
Single sensors are available now and the company is planning to release a three-pack in the next few months for about $100.
The sensor works on its own to watch for leaks.
Homeowners also can connect it to the Phyn Plus which can shut off the water if the sensor detects a leak.
If the sensor comes in contact with water users are notified by an alarm an LED light and notifications via text and the Phyn app.
The sensor also tracks temperature and humidity and sends alerts about changes in those conditions as well.
The device connects via Wi-Fi to a home's existing network and uses the free Phyn app for setup and monitoring.
The Phyn app will even tell you when it's time to change the batteries in the sensor.
Insurance company Chubb found in an analysis of five years of claims that a water leak can cause an average of $55 000 in damages to a home.
SEE: US home water use up 21% daily during COVID-19 crisis (TechRepublic)
Ryan Kim CEO of Phyn

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