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FIDO Alliance looks to simplify IoT device onboarding with new standard

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FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) protocol focused on maintaining security as" rel="tag">IoT devices are connected Founded in 2012 the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance began with a focus on developing “authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.” As the group has grown in membership published numerous standards and seen its approach memorialized in product certification programs it has also expanded its remit to cover a whole new class of connected devices in need of a consistent approach to security—the internet of things. Alliance Executive Director and CMO Andrew Shikiar said the group’s new FIDO Denvice Onboard (FDO) protocol will “help close the security gaps that currently exist on the web by expanding this work into IoT applications. The paradigm needs to shift immediately so we can move IoT technologies ahead with safer stronger and more secure means of authentication for these important uses in industrial and commercial environments.” Here’s how FDO works: An IoT device maker installs the FDO software client along with a Root of Trust key an ownership voucher and other FDO credentials; the user that buys the device sends the ownership voucher to the preferred cloud platform and a rendezvous server receives the ownership voucher; when the device is powered on and connected it identifies itself to the rendezvous server which matches it to the cloud platform; the device then contacts the cloud platform and provides its Root of Trust key and the cloud platform provides the ownership voucher creating a secure encrypted tunnel between the two; then necessary credentials or software agents can be downloaded through the tunnel. BT’s Mohammad Zoualfaghari research manager and IoT architect called FDO a “revolutionary standard…which can address a critical need for the IoT edge compute and 5G industries and help them to scale up securely and fully automated from the manufacturer to the consumer from the device to edge and from edge to the cloud.”

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