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Mayank Tiwari Tells Us How Reshamandi is Making Silk Affordable through

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First of all how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? Mayank Tiwari: Reshamandi as a company has been made functional during Covid times and we started the business around June 2020. Family wise and as a founder we were under a lot of stress of starting out and creating something from scratch on the ground. Tell us about you your career how you founded Reshamandi .

Mayank Tiwari: With so many years of diverse experience and having worked with craftsmen and weavers on the ground I always believed India’s ecosystem was slated for innovation and disruption. Direct Sourcing and great timing to market can enhance everyone’s revenue potential with the right quality inputs and standardization of the process you are looking at making things affordable. That’s how Reshamandi happened. How does Reshamandi innovate? Mayank Tiwari: We work on User problems defined through extensive research in a one on one interview format allowing us to know on the ground realities before creating our product.

We are an agile and lean system to constantly innovate. Mayank Tiwari: We are a Covid Era startup and it has been a great ride so far with us growing Month on Month while also constantly moving forward with solutions for problems we identify. Did you have to make difficult choices and what are the lessons learned? Mayank Tiwari: We did make many difficult choices along the way which allowed us to constantly improve our efficiencies and productivity level across each level of the organization. Mayank Tiwari: I am passionate about Indian Classical musical and it soothes my nerves whenever I am under stress. Mayank Tiwari: Currently we are India’s only platform looking at the end to end Silk supply chain and we plan to scale as we move along. Mayank Tiwari: Reshamandi creates an ecosystem for all stakeholders to cherish in the best quality inputs sourced directly from the manufacturers rearing farms and otherwise while also helping them manage their production and align

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