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How Covid-19 accelerated the dominance of the Internet of Things

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But with the advent of Covid-19 and the unprecedented requirement for remote working the need for smarter faster technologies has accelerated the IoT beyond expectations.

How has IoT evolved in the Covid-19 pandemic? With the wholesale adoption of new working practices the Covid-19 pandemic has driven IoT development like never before. With remote monitoring systems – for people as well as assets – reducing the reliance on field workers providing new solutions to old problems and helping to keep businesses working while significant restrictions have been in place. While in other spheres the tech has been developed and employed to help manage the pandemic.

How has smart tech and IoT been employed to fight Covid-19? Smart monitoring for vaccine delivery and storage Cold chain monitoring using mobile tech and IoT allows data loggers to transmit accurate information of conditions throughout the transportation and storage of the vaccine. While in other countries smart monitoring is being used to ensure that cleaning is being adequately conducted tracking which areas are being cleaned how often and in what way. While smart monitoring has played an integral role within pandemic management it also has significant potential in the future of the workplace and it is an area that is growing faster than almost any other business tech sector. While computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) and Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) are already being widely used in business IoT cleaning systems deliver the potential for enhanced efficiency when coupled with occupancy monitoring and cleaning validation. With the use of smart monitoring legionella prevention compliance becomes easier cheaper and a loss less wasteful as sensors deliver water temperature and movement data automatically alerting in areas where attention is needed and avoiding the full-scale system flushing that currently characterises legionella compliance. With smart monitoring almost all areas of

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