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Being in a relationship with a startup founder

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 Three in the bed “When you marry someone who starts a company, there are three people in the marriage

“Back in the day, it was like Hiroki was having an affair,” says Swidenbank. “It took me a really long time to accept that sometimes GoCardless comes before me — but I know that this is part of the deal, and I get to be excited and proud,” says Swidenbank, a former founder herself and now VP of sellers at fashion startup Depop. There’s no way it’s going to be just a job, so just be in it together to the extent that you can,” says Anam, who sits on Roli’s board. If it’s just the career of one person, then it’s always going to be a challenge,” says Howard, who is married to Pip Jamieson, founder of professional network The Dots.

Sometimes you’re bouncing ideas off of one another, other times you’re a product tester — I’ve got some really nice underwear at the moment!” says Rose de Mendonça, whose partner John has recently launched Cavalier, a new sustainable underwear business and his third company. “I find the human drama around business and startups super fascinating,” says Anam. “We spend far too much of our time talking about work,” says Swidenbank. “In the founder role, it’s quite often difficult to find anyone to talk to, so the pillow advisor

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