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Apple Offers Its Closest Look Yet at iOS and MacOS Security

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Apple is a notoriously tight-lipped and insular organization a tendency that has often put it at odds with the security research community. The company is typically secretive on the technical details of how its products and security features work. So the resource that security researchers say they have come to rely on most for bread crumbs is Apple's annual Platform Security Guide the new edition of which launched today. It provides the most comprehensive and technical look at Apple's safeguards yet—including the first documentation of own-chips-into-macs/">Apple's new M1 chips. It details security features like Touch ID and Face ID Apple's secure enclave and secure boot so that software developers and security researchers can understand more about how those features work and interact with each other. “I am constantly referring to that guide and have been for years ” says Sarah Edwards a longtime Apple security researcher. This year's edition contains significantly expanded information about hardware like M1 new details about the secure enclave and an accounting of a host of software features. Researchers and hackers alike glean a lot through reverse engineering the process of determining how something is built by examining the finished product. That "security through obscurity" helps keep attackers at bay to a degree but by releasing the Platform Security Guide Apple can help its customers take advantage of its defensive features while also providing guideposts for security researchers in hopes that they can find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. That’s a lot of fun at least for me ” says Will Strafach a longtime iOS researcher and creator of the ios-app/">Guardian Firewall app for iOS. “But having a verbose and well-detailed authoritative document from Apple is helpful as it allows folks to know the intentions and limitations associated with certain security capabilities. Researchers say they always have some “wish list” items that they want Apple to include in future guides. Strafach
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