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Certific a health tech startup from the founder of TransferWise

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Certific a health tech startup co-founded by TransferWise’s Taavet Hinrikus is breaking cover today with the launch of what it claims is the first “certified” remote COVID-19 testing service. The British-Estonian company is using techniques borrowed from the worlds of fintech and telemedicine including asking users to film themselves while taking the at-home test in a bold attempt to solve remote testing’s adherence and trust problem. More broadly the Certific app and user journey is designed to increase trust in remote testing and ensure that self-performed tests reach the same standard as those carried out in a clinical setting. Then late last year he and Certific’s other co-founders — physician Dr. Jack Kreindler and CEO Liis Narusk — realised that there were things “that we can and should be doing to come up with a more democratised way of medical testing and apply this to the pandemic”. Coupled with more traditional identity checks the Certific app asks you to film yourself while you take the test. The recording and test result is securely uploaded to Certific and checked by a qualified physician to ensure you have adhered to the manufacturer’s instructions properly. A medical certification containing the test result is then delivered back to the app. But how easy would it be to cheat the test and therefore fake a result? In addition Certific ensures that the test you have used is actually the test that you ordered and contains the same unique ID and that you are the person who was supposed to do the test. That in itself isn’t entirely fraud proof and Hinrikus clarifies that Certific is initially focusing on ensuring that a test is carried out medically correctly. Kreindler Certific’s medical director contrasts this with key workers that are currently permitted by U.K. authorities to carry out coronavirus home-testing without any additional verification but who aren’t nearly as likely to want to fake a result. Kreindler also says it’s not just about
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