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Where should we begin?

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Some you may think of as “side constraints” — a gate through which you’ll pass along the way — and others might be the thing for which you want to maximize. You’ve already started a long list of many things you’ll make. If you want to continue to think about this first-useful-thing question (I promise it’s OK to stop now) then ask yourself more about those first few people you’ll serve:

How will they learn about your offering? When those flights of soaring ambition come to you or the savvy “when we do this we’ll need to figure out this other thing ” capture the thoughts the ideas the feelings — in whatever way works for you.

Things that are merely helpful to each other you can save for later — you only have time to do the necessary if you’re going to make it extraordinary. (Most new efforts actually need zero resources at the outset and founders spend time too much thinking about this because it can relieve their ego: “maybe the reason I’m struggling has nothing to do with my efforts it’s because I have yet to secure [some magic bauble].”)

At most think about which things you’ll need to prove at some point to get there — in a thesis plan. If you like you could put together a business model canvas to add flesh to the bones of your first useful thing — it’s a useful technique for elaboration. (Organizational culture is a cluster of yet more just-in-time decisions.)

This said sometimes a little playing house can make you feel like you’re making progress — your drive is a critical asset so if buying the URL makes you feel better by all means! (Like knowing what to do when a baby cries even if answering these questions won’t actually quiet things down for you it can be calming to have some motions through which to go — even if only to keep you from wondering if you’re doing it right. In this way starting something new isn’t like writing a novel or architecting a building where you work on some plans and then one day

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